Life Insurance

When you seek life insurance, you’re seeking more than just a payout. In reality, you’re seeking a promise – that your life insurance policy will be there for your peace of mind as you continue to enjoy a full life.

That’s why here at Beckett Financial, we make sure every second that you spend with our financial advisors is not a minute wasted.
We’re here to do the hard work to find you the lowest possible insurance rates across the most ideal types of life insurance to match your needs.

We’re the insurance comparison experts – working with the companies you know and trust.

When it comes to life insurance –

There are 3 main types you can get:

Term Life Insurance


  • Temporary coverage for the term you need it
  • Lower cost and more affordable than other options
  • Tax-free payout

Whole Life Insurance


  • It’s yours for life
  • Could help pay for college or university for your kids
  • 10 pay, 20 pay & life pay

Universal Insurance


  • Designed for flexibility
  • Cash value grows could mean higher return
  • Increase cash value
If you’re unsure which one is right for you, we’ll be here to make it clear.