About Us

At Beckett Financial Group, it’s not just numbers we care about, it’s about the people we help.


We can truly appreciate the nuances of your personalized goals, offering advice in layman’s terms to demystify the legal financial jargon and provide transparency – plus, we have a 95% client retention rate – so you know you’re in the best hands. In fact, founder Magnos S. Beckett, calls this “his greatest accomplishment”.


Client Retention Rate

Here, we believe that a successful financial journey is uniquely defined by each individual. And our ability to understand your family’s goals, dreams, risk tolerance and timeframes is not only unrivalled, but it’s the cornerstone for us to build a well-defined plan. Plus, our personalized approach in the management of your assets enables us to partner with you and guide you along a successful path.

Who I Am And Where I Come From

My Maternal Grandfather Joseph Ballou(“Papa Joe”) As He’s affectionately called by family members was a Real Life Hero to me because of what he represented which was Hard Work and Love of Family!Papa Joe Served in the U.S. Navy during World War ll and me as well as members in my family were taught so many valuable lessons including hard work,integrity,loyalty to your family!He very much supported my dreams into becoming a successful entrepreneur at just 17 years old he also made sure every grandchild of his who graduated from high school would receive $1,000 from his own personal CD’s and Bonds he saved from years of hard work!!He inspired me so once i graduated from high school i became a licensed agent!At my high school graduation where he attended and i’ll always remember back then how he encouraged me to do what i believe was best for me to be successful in life because he had became a business man himself in our hometown Roanoke,Virginia.I’ll never forget our conversations about life staying true to your dreams you set out to accomplish!Love you Papa Joe!I hope i’m making you and Grandma Dorothy proud as you’re both looking down on me from heaven!Love,Your Grandson Mark(Me)

Born in Roanoke,Virginia Magnos Sherard Beckett got licensed to become an agent right out high school in Maryland(Wash D.C.) and blazed a trail for many others to follow  because  now he is also leading a team of business partners to whom he considers like family over the years.The Beckett Financial Group was Founded in 2009 by Magnos Beckett in Tampa,Florida and he’s so proud of his life’s journey which is always helping others to reach their financial goals!We here at Beckett Financial believe in the saying” Each One teach One” and every person living deserve to live comfortably from the fruits of their labors.

Most of our clients are from the Greater Tampa Bay area, and we’ve been operating here for many years, covering most of Western Florida and surrounding counties. We’re proud to represent such a special and diverse place in Florida.

We take a holistic approach at Beckett Financial, because looking at the whole picture is the only way to guarantee your long-term success. You want a plan that is risk-managed, focused on the long-term and customized to your needs, and that’s exactly what we do.