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At Beckett Financial, we know the future can sometimes be hard to picture – so our seasoned team is yours to count on. We’re at your disposal to help you visualize your long-term success, and through our assistance, you’ll never lack perspective. With Beckett Financial, you’ll understand exactly how your current income and expenditure influence and impact the future of your finances.

In this current age we live in, modern society often poses a unique set of challenges, and nobody is more equipped to deal with them than us. We function with one goal in mind: to assist individuals, families, and business owners in understanding financial principles.
years’ experience – it’s safe to say that we impart our specialized and superior service to people of all ages, and all walks of life. Our range of financial services will exceed your expectations, thanks to our policy of providing premium, professional, and practical solutions.


Life is our most precious gift, meant to be lived to the fullest – and that can’t be done when you’re worrying about financial costs and life’s unexpected expenses.
By planning responsibly, you can prevent a potential financial burden on yourself, and your loved ones, even during sensitive times.

We believe in developing long-term strategies to reduce risks, while maintaining a steady vision of life ahead. Our combination of passion and professionalism means you have the best service in the industry.

Plus, we design our services to fit each unique client, performing a sophisticated evaluation of your finances first – so you’ll always have the most accurate and comprehensive advice.



Beckett Financial was founded in 2009 in Tampa, Florida, by Magnos S. Beckett who holds 25 years’ experience in the insurance business – as well as formal training and acute specialized knowledge in Annuities and Financial planning.


Magnos Beckett was voted in as the People’s Choice in 2019, and a top producer for several companies like Globe Life, TransAmerica, Allianz, American-Amicable and Sagicor Life just to name a few.

Today, our services are designed around our strongly held belief that Floridians deserve to retire with financial stability – and we know personal plans are an integral part of accomplishing that goal.

With most Americans over 50-80 years old living paycheck to paycheck and unable to live comfortably after retirement – it’s our job to change that, one person at a time.

Magnos Beckett believes every American Citizen deserves to live the American Dream and doesn’t have to stop dreaming at age 65, or once retired from their career.

It’s not life’s not just about wealth. It’s about something much bigger: your lifeforce, your dreams and your reward. That’s why we take time to get to know you and build a bespoke plan that’s laser-focused on helping you achieve your goals.